Company profile

Alfieri Impianti s.r.l., founded on 5th of September 1992 with registered office in Via Nazionale n. 88 in Torchiara (SA) is created from the transformation of the individual firm "Ditta Antonio Alfieri," artisan enterprise formed in 1966 by the owner Antonio Alfieri.

Since 1992 the company is registered with the number 244556 to the Economic Department of "Camera di Commercio Industria e Artigianato di Salerno", with registration number 02829730650, and is administered by two general partners, as well as legal representatives and technical directors, Mr. Antonio and Domenico Alfieri Alfieri.

Since 1995, by consulting specialized information companies, the company contributes to public and corporate procurement outside of the Province of Salerno and, since then, with the professionalism and commitment that have always distinguished the company, works today throughout the whole national territory. The direction of Alfieri Impianti s.r.l., being aware of operating in a competitive and demanding market where the odds of success are linked to the quality and service offered to its customers, has decided to inspire the different aspects of its management to the most modern principles of business organization, in order to improve its performance faster than the competition. All our work is documented by the certification of quality system in line with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, as proven by the certificate n QMS12ITA28-0044 issued by Quality Italia s.r.l., and also by the prestigious certification SOA given by the company "ImpreSoa spa" with certificate No. 2669/66/02.

Alfieri Impianti, pursuant to the Law. 37/2008 (pursuant to Law 46/90), is qualified to install, modify, expand and maintain installations referred to in Article 1 of that Law., letter A) , B), C), D), E), G).

Alfieri Impianti, always attentive to safety issues in the workplace, has implemented a management system for the safety and health of workers in the workplace in accordance with BS OHSAS 18001: 2007. This system has been certified by Certiquality srl, which issued the certificate n. 18501 dated 27/11/2012. Alfieri Impianti, also increasingly concerned with achieving and demonstrating a good level of attention to the environment, controlling the impact of the products and services on the environment, has adopted an environmental management system in accordance with the International standard ISO 14001, and obtaining the certificate n. EMSI049 / 12 - 188amb_CC from Accerta Spa.

How we work on the plants

The certification referred to Law 37/2008, the certification of Quality / Environment and Security and prompt assistance characterize our work:

  1. carry out a careful inspection of the sites or the premises in which we intervene;
  2. write an action plan;
  3. verify in agreement with the client the feasibility;
  4. we make any adaptation;
  5. submit the project for the final assessment of the client;
  6. carry out a second verification visit to the site or premises;
  7. install the system;
  8. carry out the acceptance test in the presence of the customer.

Ultimately, the products and / or services that Alfieri Impianti is able to achieve are:

  • public lighting;
  • lighting and ventilation of tunnels;
  • electrical systems of kind light civil;
  • electrical systems of kind heavy civil;
  • grounding plants;
  • supervision systems;
  • remote control and e-management systems;
  • emergency and fire detection systems;
  • sound systems;
  • power transformers cabins MV - LV;
  • electrical panels;
  • primary and secondary distribution systems;
  • industrial electrical systems, power generators and UPS;
  • adaptation of plants to European Community legislation;
  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of electrical systems and public lighting;
  • road works;
  • mechanical systems;
  • construction of aqueducts, gas pipelines and sewers;
  • checks, tests and inspections.

Organizational structure

The organizational structure of Alfieri Impianti for the specificities of the sector in which it operates - is characterized by short time production units localized in different areas (construction sites), as well as a strong variability of the used resources (human and not) - is divided in a central location, consisting of the directions and central services, and a variable number of temporary and mobile sites.

Such an operational reality, determines the need for a "matrix" structure in which the organizational structure of the contract is integrated with the organizational structure of the central office so as to ensure that different sites have access to central services in an efficient and timely manner. The connection between the offices and building sites occurs at several levels; in the most common case is directly the Site Manager [SM] which contacts the central department responsible for solving a particular need of the site, while the issues of greatest importance are managed directly by the direction.

The organizational structure of Alfieri Impianti consists of the following, as shown in Figure 1:

  • the General Management;
  • the functional divisions;
  • functional and Operational Units.

The company has a staff of 31 employees so distinguished:

  • N. 4 administrative employees;
  • N. 1 electrical engineer;
  • N. 2 technical employees;
  • N. 10 skilled workers qualified electricians;
  • N. 4 skilled worker with qualifications of driver of industrial means;
  • N. 2 skilled workers with qualifications of drivers;
  • N. 3 trainee;
  • N. 5 generic workers.
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